International Social Movement
Member Code of Conduct *

  1. I do unto others as I would have them do unto me.
  2. I harm neither humans, nor animals, nor the Nature.
  3. I treat with love and care all my fellow beings and my home, planet Earth.
  4. I work for the sake of the common good.
  5. I choose honesty, truthfulness and sincerity, moral purity, simplicity and modesty in my social and personal life.
  6. I aspire to elevate my consciousness and to think positively.
  7. I follow a healthy lifestyle.
  8. I rejoice in the achievements of others as if they were my own.
  9. I am for the brotherhood of all nations.
  10. I live according to my Conscience.

*Any Code of Conduct presupposes that the one who signs it, gives a word of honor to him- or herself, and pledges to always act in accordance with the accepted duties.
Our Code of Morality is not an exception.
However, we understand that the change of consciousness is a gradual process. First, we recognize and accept the moral principles. During the second stage, we try to act in accordance with the principles (at this stage, we compare our choice, decisions and actions with the principles of the Code of Conduct, and understand our mistakes - that is why it is necessary to know the Code of Conduct by heart). Finally, at the third stage, the moral principles become so deeply implanted in our consciousness that we begin to act morally in all situations.
The Code of Conduct denotes those highest moral principles to which we will be aspiring after signing it.